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Blocked messages can be confusing. When someone blocks your number, your text messages will not be delivered to them. On iPhones, the messages may still show as “Delivered,” but the recipient won’t receive them.

Sometimes, it can be tricky to tell if you’ve been blocked. If your message shows “Delivered” but is not read after a few days, this could be a sign. Additionally, if you call and it goes straight to voicemail, it’s another possible indicator.

Different messaging platforms handle blocked messages differently. But the main takeaway is clear: if you’re blocked, your messages won’t reach the intended recipient.

Blocking Etiquette: Understanding Delivery Status

Blocking someone is a common way to end unwanted communication. But what happens to text messages you send after blocking someone? The answer depends on several factors, including your phone type and carrier.

What Happens to Text Messages After Blocking?

In most cases, text messages you send to a blocked number will not be delivered. The recipient won’t see the message, and you won’t receive a notification that it was blocked.

However, there are some exceptions. For example, if the recipient has an iPhone and you have an Android, your text message may still appear as “delivered” even if the recipient has blocked you. This is because iPhones use a different messaging system than Android phones, and the “delivered” notification may be triggered before the block takes effect.

To better understand how text message delivery is affected by blocking, let’s look at a table summarizing the behavior for different scenarios:

Sender Phone TypeRecipient Phone TypeMessage Delivery Status
iPhoneiPhoneNot delivered
iPhoneAndroidNot delivered
AndroidiPhoneMay show as “delivered” but not received
AndroidAndroidNot delivered

Why Does It Sometimes Show as “Delivered”?

The “delivered” status in text messaging can be misleading, especially when dealing with blocked numbers. This status usually indicates that the message has reached the recipient’s phone, but it doesn’t guarantee that they have seen or read it.

In the case of a blocked number, the “delivered” status may simply mean that the message reached the recipient’s carrier’s network, but it was never forwarded to their phone because of the block.

How to Know If You’ve Been Blocked

There are several signs that may indicate you’ve been blocked:

  • No response: If you consistently send text messages to someone and never receive a reply, it’s possible you’ve been blocked.
  • Delivery status: If your text messages always show as “delivered” but the recipient never responds, this could also be a sign of blocking.
  • Calling: If you try to call the person and the call goes straight to voicemail or rings once and then disconnects, it’s another potential indicator.

However, it’s important to note that these signs are not foolproof. There could be other reasons why someone isn’t responding or your call isn’t going through.

The Importance of Respecting Boundaries

If you suspect you’ve been blocked, it’s important to respect the other person’s decision and avoid further contact. Blocking is often used to protect oneself from unwanted communication, harassment, or abuse. Continuing to try to reach someone after they’ve blocked you can be harmful and may have legal consequences.

Key Takeaways

  • Blocked messages do not get delivered.
  • “Delivered” status might still appear on iPhones.
  • Persistent no-reply and calls going to voicemail can indicate blocking.

Understanding Blocked Messages on Different Platforms

When a message is blocked, it typically doesn’t reach the recipient. This varies depending on the platform and device being used. Below are detailed notes on how blocking affects messages on iOS, Android, and various social media and third-party apps.

Blocked Messages on iOS and iMessage

On an iPhone, when you send a message through iMessage to a blocked contact, the message is not delivered. Typically, messages between iPhone users show in blue chat bubbles. After blocking, the blocked party’s messages won’t say “Delivered” or “Read.” This is a key indicator of being blocked. iMessages may seem to send, but they won’t be received by the blocked party.

Blocking also affects FaceTime calls. When a number is blocked, FaceTime calls from that number won’t go through. The blocked person will not be notified their messages or calls failed. Blocking doesn’t alert the sender.

Blocked Messages on Android Devices

On Android, blocking a contact means their SMS text messages aren’t delivered. The sender does not get a notification that their message was blocked. The message simply doesn’t appear in the recipient’s messaging app.

Different devices and messaging apps may vary. For example, in some apps, a blocked message may show as sent but not delivered. To check if you’ve been blocked on Android, some messaging apps offer “Message Info” or “Message Details” options, which may indicate whether the message was delivered.

Social Media and Third-Party Messaging Apps

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also handle blocked messages in a specific way. When you block someone on Facebook Messenger, messages from that person won’t appear in your inbox. Similarly, on Instagram, blocked messages won’t be delivered.

In WhatsApp, if someone blocks you, any message you send will show as a single tick mark, meaning it was sent from your end but not delivered to the recipient. On Snapchat, blocked users can’t send messages or view stories.

Third-party apps like these often have their own ways of managing blocked messages. It’s important to check each app’s settings and guidelines for specifics on how blocking functions.

Signs and Indicators of Being Blocked

When someone blocks you, there are several tell-tale signs in both messaging and call behaviors. These can include changes in message statuses, call handling, and silent signals like read receipts.

Message Delivery Notifications and Statuses

If someone blocks you, your messages will often show as “Delivered” but won’t actually reach the recipient. This can be misleading. On iMessage, a common sign is the shift from blue bubbles to green bubbles. This indicates messages are now being sent as SMS instead of iMessages. Additionally, there might be no delivery notification. Some apps might show messages as “Not Delivered” or fail to show a status at all.

Call Behavior and Voicemail Indications

When calling a blocked number, the call might go straight to voicemail without ringing. This is a major red flag that you may be blocked. Other times, you might hear just one ring before being directed to voicemail. It’s crucial to differentiate this from situations where the user has Do Not Disturb mode, Focus mode, Airplane mode, or they declined the call. In these cases, the behavior might be similar, but they aren’t clear indicators of being blocked.

Understanding Read Receipts and Other Silent Signals

Read receipts disappearing can also be a subtle sign. If they usually enabled read receipts but suddenly stop appearing, it might indicate a block. Additionally, on iOS, no updates on the recipient’s status like “Typing” or “Read” mean something might be wrong. A moon icon next to the chat indicates Do Not Disturb mode, contributing to the confusion. Notifications silenced could mean a privacy setting rather than a block. This distinction helps in understanding whether the communication barrier is technical or intentional.

By staying aware of these signs and indicators, you can better identify if you have been blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Text messages may behave differently when sent to a blocked contact depending on the platform and device. Whether you are using WhatsApp, an iPhone, or an Android device, each has its own way of handling blocked messages.

Can a message be delivered on WhatsApp if the sender is blocked?

No. When the sender is blocked on WhatsApp, the messages do not reach the recipient. The sender will see one gray tick, indicating the message was sent, but not delivered.

How does blocking affect message delivery status on iPhones?

When blocked on an iPhone, messages sent do not show a “Delivered” or “Read” status. It appears sent from the sender’s end but is not received by the blocker. More details can be found here.

Does Android provide any indication when SMS is sent to a blocked contact?

No. Android phones do not notify you if a message is blocked. The message shows as sent but does not reach the blocked contact.

Is there any way to know if a sent text message was delivered to a blocked contact?

No. Once blocked, there is no notification or indication from your device that the message was undelivered.

What happens to text messages sent to a contact who has blocked you?

Text messages sent to a blocked contact appear as sent, but the recipient does not receive them. They are essentially lost in transit. More information can be found here.

After unblocking, are previously blocked messages delivered?

No. Any messages sent during the period of being blocked are not delivered once the contact is unblocked. They are permanently unavailable.

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